McDonald Girl

I have a sweet tooth and the damn thing is totally out of my control. I normally have a chocolate fudge sundae from McDonald’s almost every other day. Unfortunately, there is only one McDonald’s nearby my apartment – and the woman who takes orders at the drive through lane has given me attention lately. Since I am a frequent visitor she knows me quite well. I think she can even tell my voice from the speaker phone. 

The thing that leaves me speechless is her behavior at the delivery window. She always tries to make small talk first before she goes and gets the sundae. I don’t think she flirts. So, for the past few visits, I have been smiling back and being the nice guy that I am. Then I started noticing that she is showing off every time I’m up there at the window waiting for the ice cream to get ready.. so I decided not to smile today..gave her the good old North American cold shoulder…well, I think it broke her heart..she looked offended..gave me ‘Get Lost’ kinda look. I mean can we please keep the whole thing professional give me the sundae, I give you the money and I drive off..what’s with this high school scene where we are exchanging smiles and getting offended. The chemistry between men and women is way out there these days….it needs to be re-evaluated for crying out loud.

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