About Balance

Life is all about balance. Balance to walk, balance to ride, balance between school and play, balance between work and family etc. Similar balance is needed when thinking about this life and the hereafter. Just like it’s a constant struggle to balance work and family, it is also a life long struggle to balance worldly and spiritual affairs. I totally disagree with those who think hereafter is all that matters, just like I don’t agree with those who say life is too short so live it to the max.

In many ways the two are related, where if we have peace and tranquility in the life here, we will probably be content in the next one, too. I just can’t understand how people can be miserable in this life in the way they live, in their relationships they have and wish to die because they believe the in the next life they will be put on a pedestal. Maybe, they will be and who am I to judge them but I can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea of leading a miserable life to wish for a better one ahead.

And by miserable here I mean unhappy and discontent, not poor or impoverished.


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