Unorganized People

Do unorganized people realize how much anguish they cause to organized folks? I mean you can be as unorganized in your house as possible, I don’t care, but let’s be a little less clueless when it comes to hings that impact other people.

How many times does one have to give people a hint, straighten your act out. The same people have time for other stuff, let’s go for lunch or let’s organize this and that. Dude, take a look at what your carelessness is creating trouble for others who work around you or have to deal with you in their work. Quit losing your shit, quit making up with versions and appointments.

One day I am going to go ballistic. When you tell the folks to sort the crap out in the most polite manner they look so hurt. Dude, you are an adult. You should know by now. No one should have to come tell you.



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