July 21st, 2009. I ended up going to Chicago, thanks to one my best college buddies, Sophia. I wasn’t aware of Incubus tour at all. This was on short notice, and stage tickets price were a bit high for my own good. But in the end, we ended up getting nice viewing seats. As good as Incubus were, the weather was even better. The combination of an expert rock band and the unseasonably mild temperature provided an ideal summer evening for an audience of approximately 6K.

With seven studio albums under their belt, Incubus catalog is extensive, however, they wisely opted to stick to their most familiar material. The opening notes to almost every song were greeted with a rapturous reception by the cheerful audience. Among the most popular offerings were a furious reading of “Megalomaniac,” a muscular take on “Pardon Me,” the emotional ballad “Love Hurts” and a tender version of “Dig.”

Those songs were memorable and Boyd’s strong vocals were effective. What really makes Incubus distinctive, however, is their unique sense of groove. Bassist Ben Kenney, DJ Chris Kilmore and drummer Jose Pasillas form a rhythmic powerhouse. They were particularly spectacular on “Wish You Were Here.” A no-nonsense cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” served to further emphasize their status as a world-class rhythm section and gabbing to sing along to the hootenanny-style version of “Drive.”

First time, I saw Incubus in concert back when they were touring in support of “Morning View.” With the most incredible visual effects I’ve ever seen, they sounded great back then, which was pretty impressive. All in all, a great time!


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