Hypothesis on Happiness

We all are happy to the extent we let our selves to be, plus the collective happiness of the people around us. People around us include people we interact with, not necessarily the people we are related to. You can live under the same roof and not interact with someone as often as you would at school or at work and therefore our families can be a mess while we aren’t or vice versa.

Before I digress; we often forget that we ourselves contribute to other people’s happiness in the same way they contribute to ours. If we call a friend & he greets us well and is pleasant, we will come out of our conversation with a positive attitude towards life. But if we call or check on someone and they cry their eyes out, then no matter how hard we try we will feel depressed too … until we find someone happy.

Thought of the day: Smile, be pleasant, and concentrate on the good things in life. And noooo I am not gellin’


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