Battle of Sexes – Part II

Often my acquaintances and friends (mostly women) call/e-mail me upset about something, either work, home, family etc. It almost feels like second nature to me that they need to share. I am fine with that. I avoid if they are having martial difficulties as I consider this to be a tip of the ice berg. You are adult, work your way out of it. Now, why do they call me that I have no idea about it but I guess it could be because I accept people for who they are and I am in communication with them in one way or other. Similarly, when I call Mom, I get to know not only what problems my relatives facing these days but also what they are going through. While I get anxious about it (that’s when my caring nature kicks in), I understand where they are coming from. Sharing their problems with me would mean they are admitting defeat, looking for helpers or confessing they don’t know how to handle them. Among friends and cousins is not the same but generally speaking there is a difference among sexes.

I can probably go on but I am sure you got the idea.


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