Battle of Sexes – Part I

In our daily lives we face challenges of all kinds. Some as daunting as working towards world peace, propagation of true religion or social justice, while others not so great ones like how to deal with our rowdy boss or manage our finances etc. I am going to go out an a limb here and say that often a woman’s reaction to a challenge is to find helpers while a man either ignores the problem or find ways to deal with it solo. Yes, yes I know we humans are too complex to be differentiated among sexes with a fine line.

Looking at toddlers its easy to notice that in any situation of distress like when they hit their head on a table or another kids steals their toys they immediately protest and look around for comforting gestures, usually from adults they trust. Between boys and girls, it’s almost an indistinguishable trait. Though, among adults a similar situation like how to deal with your grouchy boss is very different. A guy would love to punch him in the face and then go brag about it among his friends, while a women would scheme against the boss, find people of similar graveness and then harm him indirectly.

Which leads me to believe that women in general are great in communication, have skills that enable them to better live in a community and less prone to knee jerk reactions. Though the flip side is that they are not independent and are always looking for friendly shoulders and in some cases a shining armor to save their day. I will go further out on the limb and say that a large part of this difference is due to nurture and not nature.


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