Few Chances

We don’t judge people, or so we tell ourselves but if we are not talking aloud about them, we sure think about their actions and what they mean to us and create an image with our assumptions. If we don’t consciously think about them, we unconsciously register their actions and words and make up an opinion about them and then store this information only to surface it back when their name is mentioned or we see them again.

Following this norm, we become what we have experienced. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, our views and even our vision is bounded by these set of experiences.

But in fact, the reality is always twisted, truth is always complicated. Because that someone who treated us badly could have been having a bad day and we caught them at the worst of their moments. Or the person who cut us off at the traffic light could have been rushing to see their loved one but is normally a safe driver.

So, I believe in giving people a few chances and consciously making an effort to consider the possibility that the behavior out of them that we experienced isn’t a norm and maybe there is more to it than what I know. I don’t quickly make someone a saint or a sinner only to reverse my views on them often.


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