A Purpose in Life

I hear and read a lot about it, always have. Since my earliest memories of self awareness I thought I had a special place, a special task. I remember misty dreams of tall buildings and important jobs, of sunny days and dashing for important planes to vital places.

Well all that happened and a lot in between but I never thought I had accomplished anything, or that indeed it was important to either.

Some days when things aren’t going well and the usual distractions don’t cheer me up I think back on life and realize I’ve done quite a bit, travelled to places most people haven’t or rather wouldn’t, lived a life I could only dream of. And now ended up with something I could have only hoped for. How much of this was a conscious action?

A purpose you say? I suppose the purpose is realizing that you’re here. Irrespective of what you think you have achieved or aimed for, irrespective of luck or circumstance. The purpose, my purpose, anyone’s purpose is realizing where they are and how they got there and then, well then understanding what is important. The key is the keep one step ahead or jump all the way to the end and know that the concept of there being a purpose is insignificant once you realise the inevitability of the fulfilment of your subconscious goals.

You are where you want to be and have been where you wanted to be and will be where you really want to.

Sitting and musing over it all is good for the soul though and makes you realise that you are indeed in control of more than you give credit for. Any gives food for thought on any bad or good luck you think you may have had.

In this way everyone makes their own purpose in life and can only be really understood once you take stock.

No one knows you better than yourself and there is no purpose other than that you have achieved so far and the purpose for the future will be revealed once you get there.

Whether good or bad, things happen and how you cope, well how you cope is your life, always purposeful.


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